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Why you should be excited about the GWM P-Series

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Why you should be excited about the GWM P-Series

In the local bakkie market, the GWM P-Series has become a popular bakkie. The bakkie grabbed the interest of keen South Africans looking to invest in the most popular body design in the country, thanks to its highly competitive pricing and technology-laden specs.

The P-Series sold 501 units in just one month, making it one of the top ten selling bakkies in the country. This isn’t an easy task, given that our south African customers are adamant about buying from companies they recognize. Toyota (Hilux), Ford (Ranger), Nissan (Navara), and others are examples. But what about GWM? That one is unexpected at first, but it makes sense if you think about it.

When you enter the cabin, the perceived value is immediately apparent. There’s a good mix of soft-touch materials and plastics, but there’s no indication that GWM cut corners.

Then there’s the fact that it’s equipped with several modern technologies and functions. A surround-view camera with park distance control, lane departure warning and assist, leather seats with heaters in the front, and climate control are all standard on the P-Series double cab LT 4×4. These are only a few of the many outstanding features.

In South Africa, GWM’s new P-Series bakkie has hit the sweet spot. Everyone secretly desires to get a bakkie – and a decent one at that!

Although it may appear that a Chinese bakkie would not be able to compete with the bakkie kings, the manufacturer has been selling numbers of vehicles that compete with the Ranger and Isuzu’s D-Max in recent months. But here’s a bakkie with plenty of convenience features such as standard equipment and more affordable pricing.

It’s the modern technology that we appreciate the most, aside from the fact that it’s virtually opulent in the cabin, spacious, and has a pleasant yet capable suspension system that makes any road undulations almost unnoticed for rear passengers.

The retractable rear-step in the tailgate, which makes climbing into the load bay so simple, is only one of the features. Then there’s the clever safety camera technology that detects when you’re going to make a turn at a stop street or traffic light. Not only does the camera show you how close you are to the curb, but it also shows you your immediate surroundings.

At Beekman, we reckon the GWM P Series has been a revelation on the local market. Gone are the days when a half-decent bakkie with enough technology and features to brag about the cost of an arm and a leg. With its competitive pricing and a long list of amenities, it has piqued the curiosity of South Africans from all walks of life, and this is reflected in how the bakkie is received.

We are proud to make a series of canopies for this amazing bakkie!

Why you should be excited about the GWM P-Series

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