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4 Advantages of a Canopy for Your Bakkie

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4 Advantages of a Canopy for Your Bakkie

A canopy is a protective shell that fits snugly over a bakkie’s bed. The beautiful shell is removable and is usually constructed of fibreglass, steel, or aluminium in a colour that suits the bakkie. If you set up a canopy, you won’t have to worry about your tools and devices being damaged during bad weather.

You want to personalize your brand-new bakkie so that it can perform better for you. Fibreglass canopies are custom-made for each year, make, and model, ensuring the optimum fit for today’s bakkies. Many fibreglass canopies are painted to match the bakkie’s colour scheme. Many bakkie owners prefer a fibreglass canopy because of these two features. When you consider the wide selection of models available to suit how people use their bakkies, it’s simple to see why this category is so popular.

Below is a list of great features that emphasize the advantages of the bakkie canopy.

Increased Security:

A canopy keeps your cargo safe and secure inside the bakkie’s bed. Your devices are simple to reach when you need them while remaining safe from damage. Your valuables would be vulnerable to theft or damage if you didn’t have this accessory.

Improved Area:

Many versions can be customized, allowing for more storage possibilities. The bakkie canopy allows you to enlarge your bakkie’s loadbin area. You can choose storage options that meet your needs and ensure that all of your tools and devices are properly organized in the sections and dividers that the system provides.

Greater Fuel Performance:

Bakkies have a reputation for being a little greedy when it comes to fuel. When the bed is open, a bakkie canopy helps to reduce wind drag. When your vehicle can drive significantly faster into the wind, you’ll save a lot of money on fuel.


Windows, racks, dividers, and other alternatives can be added to the bakkie canopy to make the space more appealing. You can choose from a variety of options and have it painted to fit your vehicle. Additionally, having a protective shell to keep the bed free of dust and debris will result in less wear and strain on your bakkie.

For increased security, improved area, greater fuel performance and elegance, get your canopy and increase the loadbin of your bakkie with Beekman Canopies.

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