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The Growing Popularity of Bakkie Canopies in South Africa

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The Growing Popularity of Bakkie Canopies in South Africa

Bakkies have seen a massive rise in popularity over the years. Their versatility, ruggedness, and ability to navigate challenging and diverse terrains make them a preferred choice among adventurers, tradespeople, and families. One bakkie accessory that has gained considerable traction in recent years is the popular bakkie canopy. These functional add-ons provide a range of benefits, from enhanced storage capacity to improved security. Take it from the Beekman team – We know canopies!

Enhanced Storage Capacity

One of the main reasons for the rising popularity of Beekman bakkie canopies is the additional storage space they provide. Whether it’s for camping gear, work tools, or luggage, bakkie canopies offer a secure and weatherproof solution for carrying belongings from A to B. With a wide range of sizes and designs available, bakkie owners can choose from a range of Beekman canopies to suit their specific needs.

Improved Security

Beekman Canopies offer an extra layer of security by keeping valuable items out of sight and protected from theft or damage. Whether you’re carrying expensive tools and equipment for work or personal belongings, a canopy acts as a secure storage unit, assisting in deterring potential thieves.

Weather Protection

South Africa’s diverse and often unpredictable climate can prove to be a challenge for bakkie owners. A Beekman Canopy acts as a shield against the natural elements, protecting goods from rain, dust, and harsh sunlight.


Not only are Beekman Canopies practical, but they are also customisable, allowing bakkie owners to personalise their vehicles to their liking. Canopies can be fitted with various accessories such as roof racks, interior lighting, and ventilation systems, making them adaptable to specific needs. Additionally, canopies can be colour-matched to your bakkie, creating a cohesive and stylish overall look.

The growing popularity of bakkie canopies, even more so Beekman Canopies, in South Africa is a testament to their utility, security, and style. With increased storage capacity, enhanced security, protection from the elements, and versatile customisation options, canopies have become an essential accessory for bakkie owners across the country. Whether it’s for work or leisure, these functional add-ons elevate the capabilities of bakkies and enhance the overall driving experience.

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