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4×4 Driving Techniques

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4×4 Driving Techniques

Here are a few 4×4 driving techniques you can use on your next 4×4 trip

Diff Position

It is crucial to know where your front and rear differentials are because they are usually your bakkies lowest point of ground clearance. Similarly, any additional low ground clearance places, such as the exhaust, spare tyre, and so on, should be noted. When driving over a huge rock or other barrier on a trail, you should avoid going directly over it with the lowest ground clearance position of your bakkie.


When you hit the brakes hard, your bakkies front suspension compresses and most of the suspension travel is used up. When braking hard to avoid a pothole or rock and not being able to stop in time, release the brake pedal just before hitting the obstruction. When hitting the obstruction, the front suspension will revert to its usual height, allowing for extra suspension travel.

Bakkie Limitations

When taking a corner, a four-wheel-drive bakkie cannot be treated like a regular car. Because of its higher center of gravity, the 4WD will roll over far more easily than a regular car when taking a turn. This is relevant for both gravel and paved roads. Although a four-wheel-drive bakkie generally has better traction on gravel than a car, when safe turning speeds are exceeded the four wheel drive will tend to roll earlier than a car.

Hand Position

It is crucial not to put your thumbs on the inside of the steering wheel when driving off-road. The wheel may quickly turn when driving over large rocks or potholes. If the thumb is left inside the steering wheel, it could become bruised or even dislocated. It is a simple skill to learn to keep your thumbs on the outside of the steering wheel, and it should become second nature to you. This technique is no longer as important because most 4×4 drives now have power steering, which lessens down rapid steering wheel movements as well as steering stabilizers.

For more 4×4 driving techniques and tips, keep an eye on our channels and stay up to date with the latest trends.

4×4 Driving Techniques

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