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5 essential tips for driving a bakkie for the first time

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5 essential tips for driving a bakkie for the first time

There is something truly South African about driving a bakkie, it might not be drifting around slower cars or hooting at taxis but it’s something about the power that makes a bakkie the most South African vehicle. Here’s our list at Beekman Canopies on what to do when driving a bakkie for the first time.

Don’t Lose Your Perspective

When you jump into your bakkie for the first and adjust your mirrors and seat, you will notice a change in view. You may see more in front of you, but the blind spots are much more prominent than in a smaller vehicle. A good set of rear-view mirrors or an additional rear-view camera should help you be able to see your surrounding blind spots more easily.

Back it Up … Slowly

A bakkie has a much longer, wider, and higher point of view, than other cars so you have to adjust your spatial awareness to match the size of the bakkie. When reversing you must remember that most of the close surrounding objects will not be visible in the mirrors so extra caution must be taken to avoid any objects, people, or animals.

Take it Easy

Another thing a new bakkie driver must take note of is the big increase in weight and power a bakkie has. This means that you will have to brake sooner and leave larger spaces in-between you and the car in front of you. Big bakkies can’t stop dead quickly so be careful when driving a bakkie for the first time until you are comfortable with the weight and power of the vehicle.

Turn Turn Turn

You may think turning is turning. But in a bakkie, turning the steering wheel is only a small part of the job. You must be aware of how fast the vehicle can turn depending on how long the bakkie is, as well as adjust for the size of the bakkie to avoid the various objects around you.

Driving a bakkie for the first time may seem like a daunting task but there is a reason that is South Africans favourite vehicle, it can do everything. Once you get the hang of it.

5 essential tips for driving a bakkie for the first time

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