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Bakkie checklist for the long weekend

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Bakkie checklist for the long weekend

The long weekend is approaching, and we’re counting down the days until we can take that much-needed rest! While you’re thinking about where to stay and what load in your Beekman canopy, make sure your bakkie is in good working order, safe, and roadworthy. A poorly maintained vehicle is more than a source of annoyance; it’s also a safety hazard on the road. Before your holiday, a short expert car safety check could help save lives on the road this Easter weekend.

While human error is the most common cause of car accidents on the road, poorly maintained vehicles have a significant role in the yearly national road toll. Putting up the effort to properly prepare your bakkie for long-distance travel will not only make your journey more comfortable (let’s face it, nothing is more annoying than an air conditioner that breaks down during the day), but it will also save lives.

Beekman suggests checking the following items to ensure a safe and enjoyable drive to your vacation destination:

Air conditioning

A long-distance drive might feel endless, especially if you have little children who are continually asking, “Are we there yet?” At the very least, a well-ventilated bakkie can provide some comfort, so ensure sure your air conditioner has been checked and is in good working condition.

Auto electrical

A dead battery, defective starter, or alternator could leave you stuck, not only adding time to your journey but also posing a security risk. A malfunction with one of these electrical components could indicate an issue with your vehicle’s electrical system. To get your bakkie back on the road and maintain it there, you need to take it to an experienced workshop that uses advanced electrical diagnostic equipment.


Your bakkie’s brakes are an essential safety feature, and they must be maintained regularly. Maintain a reasonable following distance because brake failure due to worn components can be risky and have disastrous effects. Always have your brake pads checked; if they sound squeaky and scratchy, or if they shiver, they need to be replaced right away!

Tyre alignment and maintenance

Checking your tyre pressure, tread, and wheel alignment are important for more than just road safety. Approximately 20% of the fuel is used to overcome the friction between the car and the road; have your tyres tested to save extra spending at the pumps as the price of gasoline continues to rise.

Car servicing, both routine and major

Regular maintenance extends the life of your vehicle’s essential components. Always have your bakkie (and Beekman canopy) maintained at the recommended intervals to ensure that mandatory equipment such as filters and lubricants with a limited lifespan is replaced. This will help you avoid costly repairs due to excessive wear and tear.

Other faults and errors in diagnosis

The rise of computer-aided diagnosis of vehicle problems and mistakes has been fuelled by the rising use of Electronic Control Units (ECUs), also known as “computers,” and vehicle sensors. Some modern bakkies come with diagnostic adapters and dashboard warning indicators that inform you when something is wrong. Check your vehicle at a business that employs cutting-edge diagnostic equipment and extensive experience to determine what’s wrong.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. At Beekman, we are concerned about your safety on the road.

Bakkie checklist for the long weekend

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