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Car and Home Insurance Tips to Protect Your Assets During the December Holidays

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Car and Home Insurance Tips to Protect Your Assets During the December Holidays

With the festive season almost here and many South Africans set to spend their holidays with friends and family or camping and testing out their new bakkie canopies, you’ll want to know that your assets are looked after while you are away. Below are some helpful tips on how you can get the most from your car and home insurance this festive season.

When it comes to your car, make sure that your car driver’s license and vehicle license discs are up to date before you leave on holiday. Your car needs to be roadworthy. If you are planning a long road trip, you need to ensure that all passengers are safe. This will also help when it comes to insurance claims if something were to happen to your car on the roads. Check your car’s oil, water, and tires as well as brake lights, indicators, and brake pads to ensure a smooth and enjoyable drive.

Make sure you have your insurer’s roadside emergency number available in the car or installed on an app. It should be easily accessible in case of emergencies, such as if you are involved in an accident or experience engine trouble.

If you are planning to travel to neighbouring countries, you should confirm if your policy is able to cover you outside of South African borders. Additionally, get a letter from your insurer which you can present at the borders. It is also important to double-check Covid rules and regulations for each nation you will be visiting, to cover all your bases.

This goes without saying but obey the rules of the road and drive responsibly. If you are planning to drink, plan ahead and arrange alternative transport to and from the venue. Ubers are everywhere, so there is no excuse to drink and drive.

When it comes to home and personal items, you should take some time to determine if you have insured your home and its contents, as this will give you a better idea of what it is worth. Take extra precautions to ensure that all locks and doors in and around your home are in working order, as it is much more difficult to get a claim paid if your home is robbed and there is no sign of forced entry.

If you are traveling with valuable items, such as a camera, golf clubs, or even precious jewellery, ensure that they are insured for their full amount. This can be updated in your home contents policy.

All these tips will help you to have peace of mind while you are away from home, as well as allow you to enjoy a much-deserved break!

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Car and Home Insurance Tips to Protect Your Assets During the December Holidays

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