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Car Maintenance Tips

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Keeping your car maintained is vital in ensuring it runs smoothly and it’s the one thing every car owner should be committed to doing. Not only will it increase the lifespan of your car but it will keep you safe on the roads. Follow your service schedule to keep your car at its best performance.

The best thing you can do for your car is preventive maintenance. Having a full-service history when you’re looking at trading in and selling will also count in your favour. Here are some of our tips to keep your car maintained.

Air Filter

You should be changing your air filters every 12 months or 20 000 km – whichever comes first. Filters are checked during regular service intervals as well, but it doesn’t hurt to ensure it’s changed.

Fluids and tyre pressure 

These are very vital components or your car and tend to wear out very quickly. Checking your fluids when you fill up once a month won’t take more than 10 minutes, as well as having your tyre pressure checked regularly.


Check your battery regularly and never ignore your battery sign. Check for leakage or any build up around your battery. Double-check that your lights are off as this can wear down your battery when not in use.

Spark plugs

If it feels like your engine isn’t running smoothly, it could be the spark plugs. Get them checked and replaced if necessary. They usually last about 50 000km and should be checked in your regular services.

Tyre rotating and balancing 

Having your tyres rotated and balanced can prevent the wearing out of them and help them last a bit longer. Tyres don’t wear evenly, so by rotating the front and back tyres you’re able to balance the wear and make them more durable. You should also request to have the wheel alignment checked when you take your car for a service.

Windshields and wipers

Accumulated dirt on your windshield doesn’t only prevent you from seeing properly, but can cause damage to the glass over time. With the rainy season, check and replace your wipers if needed.


Check your brake fluid regularly and be sure to check your brakes if they start making any kind of noise or sound.

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