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Essential 4×4 accessories

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Essential 4×4 accessories

South Africa has some of the most world-renowned natural beauty, from beautiful desserts to breath taking mountains and valleys, there is never enough time to explore the gorgeous but rough terrain. So, make sure your vehicle is ready to tackle any obstacle, kit it out with the essential equipment that will make your life as the driver a whole lot more comfortable. What are some of the essential 4×4 accessories you need for your next adventure? Here are ours!


Although a lot of bakkies do have a canopy fitted as a standard feature, the canopy must be fitted correctly. This will in turn improve the durability and longevity of a healthy canopy.

A Beekman Canopy is a great example of a durable and long-lasting canopy that will stand the test of time and be your trusty stead for all adventures.

Dual Battery System

Extra power is almost essential for bakkies driving any kind of rough terrain, the power is needed for radios, cell phone chargers, and GPS systems. Being stuck in the middle of the Karoo without power is a nightmare for most people and can easily be avoided with some extra preparation.


A jack may seem like an essential piece of equipment and one that bakkie owners should have, but surprisingly there are a lot of people that do not have a proper jack. For most, a standard car jack would be just fine, but for the more adventurous, there is a new type called an air jack, that is put under the bakkie and fills up with air, lifting the bakkie so that repairs can be done quickly and easily in any conditions.

Roof Rack

The roof rack may seem like a more obvious set of essential equipment for most, and it is a particularly good investment for bakkies that are used for trails, road trips, and adventure. Many hobbies such as cycling and canoeing will benefit greatly from a secure roof rack, as well as any holiday goers with a lot of luggage.

Make sure your bakkie is ready for any adventure, head on down to any Beekman Canopy fitment centre and our team of professionals will kit your car out with the very best

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