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Fuel Hacks For Your Bakkie

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Fuel Hacks For Your Bakkie

With the increased price of fuel in South Africa, there are many weird and wonderful fuel hacks being tried and tested by South Africans in the hopes of saving some money, and fuel.

It is critical that you do the proper research before implementing any of these fuel-saving quick fixes to your bakkie as they have the potential to cause more harm than good.

Here are some effective fuel-saving tips or “fuel hacks” you can use to help improve your bakkie’s fuel efficiency and reduce fuel costs:

Maintain your bakkie: Regular maintenance, such as regular oil changes, tune-ups, and tire pressure checks, can improve fuel efficiency.

Drive efficiently: Avoid rapid acceleration and braking and try to maintain a steady speed. Driving at a consistent speed can improve fuel efficiency.

Reduce drag: Make sure your bakkie is free of excess weight and remove roof racks or bike carriers when not in use, as they increase wind resistance and decrease fuel efficiency.

Use cruise control: On highways, using cruise control can help you maintain a steady speed and improve fuel efficiency.

Plan your route: Plan your route before you start driving to avoid getting lost and taking unnecessarily long detours.

Use overdrive gears: If your bakkie has an overdrive gear, use it to reduce engine speed and improve fuel efficiency.

Keep your windows closed: Driving with the windows open increases wind resistance and decreases fuel efficiency.

Reduce idling: Avoid excessive idling, such as waiting in drive-thru lines, as idling burns fuel without moving the vehicle.

By implementing these fuel-saving tips, you can help improve your bakkie’s fuel efficiency and reduce fuel costs, allowing you to enjoy the freedom of the road!

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