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Guide to Choosing the Best Canopy for Your Bakkie

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There are so many different canopies and canopy brands around, so where do you look for the perfect canopy for you and your bakkie? Be it your first canopy purchase, or if you’re a canopy buying pro, use this guide to ensure you make the best purchase.

Bakkie brand

Despite all the benefits of having a bakkie canopy like protecting your cargo, adding transport capabilities and being able to turn your vehicle into a multi-faceted asset, there’s a lot more to investigate when purchasing a canopy.

Every bakkie brand is unique, and the same applies when purchasing a canopy. In turn this means that each canopy requires specific variations to ensure your canopy fits perfectly.

Choosing the perfect bakkie canopy

All Beekman Canopies are made from fibreglass and complement your vehicle by giving it a sleek look as well. They can also make your bakkie more durable.

There are two very important factors to keep in mind when buying a canopy – the primary function and the aesthetic aspect.

Consider what your other bakkie accessories will include, and whether you’ll be using it for commercial, business, industrial or leisure uses.

After you’ve established that, you can then decide what design you’d prefer – one that matches your bakkie’s colour? Or maybe the colour of your business?

Types of canopies

While Beekman does supply a wide range of brands and types of canopies, it is important to know which kind of canopy you are looking at. Some of the types include:

  • Single cab
  • Double cab
  • Extended cab
  • Half tonner

There is a lot to consider when purchasing a canopy, and we want to make sure it’s the best asset you could get for your bakkie.

Visit one of our Beekman branches and we will ensure you receive the best canopy for your needs.

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