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How to Disinfect Your Car, Bakkie & Beekman Canopy

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Whether you’re using your car or bakkie for personal use, public transport, or e-hailing, we make use of some form of transport almost every day. Normally, the thought of our usual bacteria while using a car wouldn’t bother us, but in the wake of the current pandemic, it’s something we need to consider when it comes to disinfecting our cars, bakkies and canopies.

How do you disinfect a car and Beekman canopy?

The best is to start with the regular – get a vacuum cleaner, soap and water. Vacuum your interior thoroughly, pull the mats out, get in between all the crevices of your bakkie and canopy. Using soap and warm water, wipe down any parts of your bakkie and canopy that aren’t material – the dash, steering wheel, gear lever, handbrake, door handles. Include the windows and roof handles too, as well as all-around your Beekman canopy including handles and locks. If it can be wiped, clean it.


How often do you feel like grabbing any chemical when it comes to cleaning or disinfecting? It’s not always the best tactic. When cleaning a car, bakkie, or canopy, it’s always better to avoid harsh chemicals. Stick to a wrung-out cloth that’s been through warm and soapy water.


If you’re worried about how you’re killing the germs without chemicals, a disinfectant aerosol will do the job. A 5-second spray into the central open space, then closing the doors, should kill any germs still lurking. If you share a car, it doesn’t hurt to keep Dettol wipes without harsh chemicals on hand to wipe down the areas that are frequently touched.

Good hygiene 

Even if it happens to be your car, it’s always wise to practice safe hygiene. Sneeze into your elbow, discard of any tissues, and disinfect your hands when leaving or entering your car.

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