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How to increase the value of your bakkie

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How to increase the value of your bakkie

We all know the saying, “as soon as the car rolls of the lot, half of its value is gone”.

We are here to help you retrieve some of that value, but it does start the day you buy the vehicle. Here are Beekman Canopies’ 5 tips on how to increase the value of your car.

Condition is key

Keeping your car in top shape is just as difficult as keeping yourself in shape. From the day you purchase that vehicle, it is your job to make sure that the car depreciates as little as possible and there are hundreds of ways of doing that, but it all boils down to how good the car looks and runs when it’s time to sell it. So, make sure you wash your car every week and keep your service book up to date and you could be not only saving a few extra bucks but you could be making a few extra bucks on your vehicle.

Service time

Don’t wait around to have the vehicle serviced, do it immediately, you will only be thanking yourself later, especially if that service book is fully up to date. A potential buyer will look to see how well the previous owner looked after their car and to see a clean car with a full check service book showing that the vehicle was in good hands.


Go easy on the accessories

Remember, just because you like all the bells and whistles added to your car, doesn’t mean the next potential owner will too. Make sure to add extra accessories that benefit the vehicle such as a canopy from Beekman, tow bar, bull bar, and sound system. Stay away from personalised electronics that other people will not see the value in.

Check the mileage

The average distance of travel for a vehicle in South Africa is 20 000km per year so, if you drive more than that, your car may be decreasing in value faster than someone that drives a lot less. Make sure to sell your vehicle sooner rather than later if you make heavy use of the vehicle.

Keep it undercover

Never leave your car out for long periods. Find a safe place with shade to protect your vehicle from the dangerous UV rays from the sun. Also, if your car is going to be in the sun, avoid red or black as these two colours tend to damage quicker when exposed to the sun.

How to increase the value of your bakkie

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