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Look how far bakkies have come

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Look how far bakkies have come

When commercial cars first became available, their purpose was purely for easy local transport of passengers and trains held their purpose for cargo transportation. Many would think that the logical next step would be a bakkie, but it took more than a decade for the first bakkie to be commercially available.

American farmers were said to be the first inventors of the modern-day bakkie, by taking a Model T Ford and fixing it on a flatbed to the back of the chassis. But the first official “pick up truck” emerged in the 1920s.

During WWI many businesses that were using horses to deliver and transport goods, realised that the new motorised vehicles were far cheaper to maintain than horses, which led to a huge vehicle revolution, rendering horse-drawn transportation almost useless compared to the power and speed of the new vehicles.

The bakkie has become a living legend in South African vehicle terms. Almost 100 000 bakkies are sold in South Africa every year, with the Toyota Hilux being the most popular bakkie for the past 30 years! This makes up nearly 20% of all vehicles sold in South Africa, meaning that 1 out of every 5 vehicle owners is driving a bakkie in South Africa.

The most popular adaption to the modern-day bakkie in South Africa is the canopy. It provides a safe place to store and transport goods with its hard shell, protecting the bakkie from the elements as well as theft.

Beekman Canopies has benefited from this adaption and created a modern, custom-built canopy suitable for all the needs of modern bakkie drivers. The times of make-shift canopies are over, especially with how well new canopies are designed such as the ones available at Beekman Canopies.

The canopy industry is really taking off in popularity, with many people not just buying a bakkie for the storage space, but also for the comfort, durability, and aesthetic value that now comes standard.

If you are looking to upgrade your bakkie with a canopy, feel free to stop by any of our Beekman fitment centres for a quote and our team of professionals will be able to assist you.

Look how far bakkies have come

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