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Road Safety Tips

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It’s that time of the year where we start packing up the bakkies and loading the canopies to head out for weekends away! First off, one of the biggest pieces of advice people follow is ensuring you take a break every 200km and switch drivers during your commute.


Your vehicle needs to be thoroughly checked once before you hit the road. This includes wipers, lights, tyres, and even the often-neglected spare wheel. Make sure you have the necessary tyre-changing equipment in your bakkie and that your tyre pressures have been set according to the weather.


Never overload your bakkie. We know your Beekman Super Canopy is there to enhance your load bin’s capabilities and give you additional storage, especially for long holidays, but it’s vital to ensure that you follow the guidelines set out by your vehicle with regards to loads.

Try to secure your belongings and prevent items from sliding around while you’re driving. If you need to suddenly brake, unsecured items could fly and hit passengers in the vehicle.

Buckle Up

One of the most basic safety measures to follow is to buckle up! When used correctly, seatbelts reduce the risk of death and injury should car crashes occur.

All-weather driving

Adjust your driving to suit the weather conditions. You could leave your home when the sun is shining, and it could start pouring with rain halfway through your trip. Ensure that you follow the basic road safety regulations when driving in rain. Roads are slippering and it’s vital to keep your distance.


Leave your phone alone. The selfies can wait until you reach your destination. Keep your eyes on the road and allow your passengers to keep themselves distracted. Your responsibility is the road.

The AA suggests that children and pets are properly restrained and entertained when you start driving and advises to you plan your journey. Give yourself ample to stop for breaks, stretch your legs, and enjoy a bite to eat.

Extra Care

From the minute you venture out onto the road, you’re at risk. As morbid as it might sound, you’re responsible for your life and the livelihoods of those in your bakkie. Some time periods are more high-risk than others, like:

–  Between dusk and dawn

–  During morning and evening traffic

–  At ‘closing times’ for bars

–  Late in the week

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