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Safety Tips for a Camping Weekend

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There is nothing quite like joining a group of family and friends on a weekend camping trip, especially during summer!

Taking some time off, away from the bustle of the city, enjoying a peaceful swim in the river or beach, and spending evenings out in nature around a campfire, it’s always special. When embarking on a holiday out into the middle of nowhere there are a few safety tips one should remember.

Before you leave the first essential one should check off their list is a basic first aid kit. Beyond the usual bandages and antiseptics, one should also pack in insect repellent, antihistamines, nausea & anti-diarrheal medication. Also, take note of anyone in the group who has specific medical needs or allergies as one does not want to get caught out when medical aid is far away and a cellphone signal is unavailable.

Make sure you print out exact directions or how to get to your destination, remember that the more isolated you get the chances of being able to reply on your phone or GPS diminish, there is no replacement for a good map! Weather can also play a big factor in your prep for the weekend so check the weather forecast beforehand and if in doubt bring clothing for all conditions. Additional extras to bring with you are items like an emergency whistle, matches, and a pocketknife that will give you extra ability to cope with unplanned situations, additional water and goodwill also help with this.

Ensure you arrive at your campsite with plenty of daylight left to allow easy set up of tents and sleeping arrangements, working in the dark is always going to be a more stressful exercise. When setting up your campsite plan ahead by choosing an area that offers decent shade and that avoids insect nests. Also, ensure placement on high ground if you are camping during the rainy season. Don’t forget to check in with the campsite office once you arrive and also let them know before you head out on a hike or trail drive.

At the end of your stay make sure you pack up your campsite thoroughly, you don’t want to leave any valuables behind or any rubbish. Also, ensure any fires are properly extinguished by pouring water or sand over the fire. Lastly, remember to check out with the site office on your way out, you don’t want them thinking you’ve gone missing!

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