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Sharing The Roads With Learner Drivers

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Sharing The Roads With Learner Drivers

It is easy to spot a learner driver on the roads and instantly become frustrated with the way they are driving. As frustrating as this is, it is important to remember that everyone must start somewhere and that you were once in the exact same position as they are in now.

You may recall how nerve-wracking it was to start driving on the busy public roads and the feeling you got when a bakkie came speeding up behind you. Therefore, you should adjust your driving when in the proximity of a learner driver so that you do not cause unnecessary danger or worry. When you spot the learner driver sign in the back window, you should never ignore it. Instead, you should treat the driver with courtesy. The purpose of this sign is meant to be a warning that the driver is new to the roads as well requesting patience, time, and space.

Always keep a safe following distance, as you would with a dangerous driver, so that if something were to happen, such as the learner driver stalling, they have space to regain control and confidence. At the same time, this ensures your own safety and reduces your own risk. You should increase your following distance to double what you normally would, allowing extra space between you and the learner driver. Do not try and overtake when it is unsafe to do so.

You need to be patient. Learner drivers will take longer at stop streets and at intersections than you would. Do not get frustrated or start hooting at them as this will only make them more nervous and add unnecessary pressure to the situation. Do not make assumptions, you never know how a learner driver might respond to certain situations. If you are overtaking a learner driver, ensure that you have space for an extra lane between you as you want that extra space in case the learner driver does not check their blind spot. This is to keep yourself as well as the learner driver safe on the roads.

At the end of the day, everyone starts as a learner driver. You were in the exact same position, so you know how you felt during that time of nervousness and uncertainty. Allow the learner drivers grace and always give them space and time so that they can learn the skills necessary to be good and responsible drivers.

Sharing The Roads With Learner Drivers

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