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Summer Bakkie Essentials

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Summer Bakkie Essentials

With summer well underway, it is important that you ensure your bakkie is well-equipped to handle the heat to ensure a smooth transition between seasons.

Checking your car fluids is a must. Heat can cause the fluids in your engine to thin, or even evaporate. Therefore you should always check your car’s coolant, to help regulate these high temperatures. Also ensure that you do not use water instead of coolant, as most cars today only require coolant.

Test your brakes. The cold temperatures experienced during winter can negatively impact your brakes. Pay close attention to the way your car responds when you brake. Listen out for any squealing or growling sounds, and make sure your car doesn’t pull to one side when braking. If you do notice some of the mentioned points, you should inspect the issue further to determine if you need new brakes.

Checking tyre pressure is important. The different temperatures experienced during seasons can impact your tyre pressure, make time to check for overinflated or underinflated tyres, and correct them to the recommended tyre pressures as stated in your car to avoid any issues.

Test your air-conditioning system in your bakkie. Vehicles can function without the use of an AC, however, you should ensure that it is in working order so that it is ready to be used over the summer months. Driving without AC to cool down the interior temperature of your car can lead to fatigue or dehydration if you are sitting in a warm environment without any airflow. Driving with your windows open is an option but can lead to using more petrol in certain situations.

Conducting seasonal checks is recommended. Checking car parts, such as windshield wipers, should be done regularly to identify any wear and tear. Checking air filters and replacing them once a year is also an important step to ensuring your vehicle is in healthy condition. Take the time to ensure your vehicle is fully equipped for the summer months.

Summer Bakkie Essentials

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