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Summer Driving Tips

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Summer Driving Tips

Summer is here! And for most parts of the Cape, that means scorching hot temperatures for the next few months. Driving in these hot conditions can be risky, so here are a few tips to help you avoid heatstroke or heat stress.

It is advised that you should spend as little time in your car as possible. This is not always possible as you still need to get from point A to point B, so when you are driving you should take extra precautions, such as avoiding driving during peak traffic. Leaving earlier or later than peak time traffic will help you stay clear of gridlock traffic and will reduce the amount of time spent in your car too.

Use your air-conditioner to cool down the temperature of your car, especially after being left to stand in the sun. Alternatively, open your car windows to circulate some fresh air. Staying hydrated is very important during these summer months. If you experience symptoms such as dizziness, lack of energy or fainting spells, this could mean that you are dehydrated. You do not want this happening when you are behind the wheel, so if you feel these symptoms, you should immediately stop somewhere safe or seek assistance before you continue driving again.

Ensure that you stay up to date with your car maintenance. This is necessary to ensure that your car has sufficient coolant to be able to manage very high temperatures. You should also always ensure that your tyres are correctly inflated. If they are on the flatter side, this will cause more friction and therefore produce more heat. Alternatively, if your tyres are overinflated you risk a blow-out, due to air expanding with heat.

If you notice that your engine is overheating while driving on the roads, you need to immediately pull over and call for assistance.  If you continue driving while your engine is in this condition, you could cause serious damage to your car. You can keep some of your canopy windows open while safely parked at home to get some airflow.

Protecting your eyes from the sun’s UV rays is important. You should always wear polarised lenses to help reduce the harsh glare and allow you to see better and clearer while driving. When parking your car, always look for a shady spot. Look for trees and shade cloth where your car won’t be fully exposed to the sun. There is nothing worse than climbing into your car and having a burning hot seat greet you as you sit down, or a hot seatbelt buckle burn your hand!

Your bakkie’s steering wheel and car seats can reach temperatures of over 40 degrees in 35-degree temperatures. One of the most important factors to remember is to not leave any people or animals in a hot car, even if you are just running into the shops for a loaf of bread. Car temperatures can reach deadly heights.

Enjoy your summer holiday, but always be cautious of the temperatures and keep these tips in mind to ensure a safe break.

Summer Driving Tips

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