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Basics of Transporting Goods

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Transporting goods or cargo of any kind if always easier with a bakkie. There’s more storage room, your Beekman Super Canopy will ensure your load is kept safe, and unloading is a breeze. There are some risks involved when driving a bakkie with goods on it though so it’s vital to ensure you have the basics down when it comes to transporting goods in a bakkie.


Additional tie-down anchors in the bed of your bakkie can assist in keeping your goods secured. You can use D-rings or other similar systems available at auto parts stores. If you’re going to drill into your bakkie, keep in mind that drilling into the metal can cause rust and essentially cause your bakkie to devalue.

A non-skid bed liner can also assist in preventing damage to the factory finish.

A Beekman Super Canopy is a great investment to keep your load safe and to prevent damage during transportation. It can easily be dubbed the ultimate cargo protection. For a good sturdy canopy, look no further than Beekman.

Lightweight Goods

Cargo netting can assist with transporting light materials and prevent it from flying off your bakkie. A lot of nets come with hooks that attach to the seams underneath the sides of your bakkie’s bed.

Small and loose goods

Using a pallet creates is an easy way of securing small goods and keeping them in one place. Pallets can be heavy, so the chances of them slipping on the bakkie’s floor is minimal. You can often pick these up for free or for a small fee.

Safe from thieves

Open goods give thieves an easy opportunity to access your goods and your truck. Besides equipping your bakkie with a Beekman Super Canopy, some other ways to make it difficult for thieves include the following:

  • Park your bakkie where it’s well-lit
  •  Cover your cargo with tarp inside your canopy
  • Lock your most valuable items inside your bakkie, and out of sight

Now that you have the basics covered, the next step is transporting your goods.

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