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So many accidents on the road happen because trailers were not properly secured. Following simple steps can help you ensure you have a properly secured trailer before starting your commute.

Know your towing capacity – Before you even start packing your trailer or hitch up your caravan, it’s important to know what the towing capacity of your vehicle is. The best way to find out, if you don’t know, is to check the owner’s manual. Too much weight can cause problems on your commute, no matter how big and powerful your engine might be.

Check your connections points – Make sure all your connection points are secure. Trailers tend to stand outside, and adverse weather conditions can cause parts to rust and become brittle. Making sure you check everything before you start loading can prevent problems to occur once you start your journey, and sorting out any issues before you embark on your adventure. While you’re checking the connection points and components, make sure your trailer wheels are in good condition and that your spare wheel is inflated.

Check your lights – It’s not OK if even just one light is out, you need to ensure that all the lights on your trailer are working and replace any that are out. Not only can this prevent an accident from occurring, but it can prevent hefty fines. Check that the electrical connection on your trailer and car are in a working condition as well.

Check your mirrors – If you plan on towing a large caravan, the chances are that you rear view will be non-existent. Wide caravans and boats can obstruct your view, and without the ability to see the cars behind you by simply looking up makes switching lanes a lot more dangerous. Getting extended wing mirror attachments will ensure you have the view back that you will be losing.

Adjust your driving speed – We all love speed and feeling the power when driving, but when you are towing something, it’s vital to keep an eye on your speed. The added weight and length of a towing vehicle makes going faster more dangerous. Increasing your speed also increases the amount of sway your trailer will get behind you, and increases the risk of being able to stop safely.

Practice – If you’re a first-time tower, or if your towing skills are a bit rusty, take a few days to practice. Choose an area far away from traffic like an empty parking lot and try simple driving tasks while you have your trailer or caravan attached.

Check your car – When you’re satisfied that your trailer is in a good condition to be towed, spend time on your car. A trailer can put strain on your engine, so make sure all your fluids are topped up and you have been for a service as well. Your rear axle needs to be checked and your wheel bearings need to be in a good condition. Make sure your tyres are inflated and don’t overload your car.

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