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Travelling with your dogs

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Travelling with your dogs

Many South Africans love taking their dogs on holidays and road trips with them. Even though it’s very popular, many people find themselves unprepared to keep their dogs happy for extended periods. With the smallest amount of planning, you can make your dog road trip just as much of a fun and exciting experience, as it is for you!

People often forget how similar dogs behave to children on road trips, so similar steps need to be taken for your dog to relax and behave on the road. Using their most loved toys and bedding in the vehicle will make it a lot easier for the dog to relax, as well as whenever they arrive at the new unknown destination. Just like a child, never leave your dog in the vehicle alone for long periods, and if you do have to leave them alone, make sure they have a window open and enough space to move around in the vehicle.

Take some time to explore the new location with your dog, this will help them familiarise themselves with their new surroundings and make them feel at home a lot faster. This can help with more scared dogs that tend to run away.

If your dog is new to travelling in a car, make sure to do short ‘practice’ trips with your dog, before doing any long road trips, this will help them become comfortable with vehicle movement and can reduce stress and motion sickness.

Before you start your road trip make sure your destination is pet friendly as there is nothing worse than arriving and they don’t allow pets.

If your dog is travelling in the back of a bakkie, make sure they have a safety harness attach while moving to avoid any injuries.

Let your dog explore and join in on your activities, they will benefit just as much as you from the excitement and exercise.

Stop every few hours for a toilet break and some water, because a dog can’t always indicate what they need.

Never let your dog loose in public places without proper behaviour training and others may not be as pet friendly as you are.

Always clean up after your pet!

Will you be following our helpful tips when it comes to taking your furry friends on your next road trip?

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