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What do different smoke colours indicate?

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What do different smoke colours indicate?

What many people don’t realise is that buying the car or bakkie is only half the expense, the maintenance cost of most cars only increases the longer you don’t service your car. One of the ways to check the health of your car is the colour of the exhaust fumes that come out of your vehicle. Beekman have broken it down for you in this guide.

Blue / Grey Smoke Causes:

Burning Oil

Ware and damage on the Piston Rings

The combustion chamber is leaking oil

Black Smoke Causes:

Blockage in the vehicles air filter

Fuel injection malfunction

Blockage formed in the manifold

White Smoke Causes:

Thin white smoke: often occurs on cold mornings and is generally not something to concern yourself over.

Thick White Smoke Causes:

Generally, a very bad sign, as it could be a damaged or cracked engine block or a blown Gasket. Don’t attempt to drive your vehicle if you see this thick smoke.

Remember that any unusual amount of smoke coming out of your vehicle is always a sign to stop and check your vehicle, including the oil and water, and from there, we would recommend that you take your vehicle to the nearest service centre for assistance.

What do different smoke colours indicate?

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