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What to do at an intersection during loadshedding

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What to do at an intersection during loadshedding

Loadshedding comes and goes in South Africa, which means more time spent stuck in traffic, more frustration, and the possibility of being impacted by other drivers’ inadequate acts.

At traffic lights, for example, this is a common occurrence. When there is loadshedding, every driver should be aware that a crossroads controlled by traffic lights automatically becomes a four-way stop.

Many drivers, however, do not obey this guideline, resulting in chaos at crossings. Keep these suggestions in mind as you handle intersections during loadshedding to help you get through safely in yours.

We want to keep you safe on the road during loadshedding. Here are some suggestions for what to do if the lights go out at an intersection:

  • Even if it appears like there are no other vehicles on the road, slow down as you approach the crossroads.
  • Bring your vehicle to a complete stop and give way to any vehicles that arrived at the junction before you.
  • Keep in mind that traffic may flow from more than four directions.
  • From the conventional four directions, traffic flows directly through the crossroads.
  • Don’t forget about the drivers who are turning right across the intersection into another lane from their current lane.
  • Don’t assume that just because it’s your turn to drive, everyone else will. Before you go, double-check each lane.
  • This is especially true for drivers turning right across the intersection, as other motorists tend to ignore this lane.
  • If you begin to drive but notice another driver approaching or ready to cross the junction at the same moment, let the other driver pass rather than continuing on your path and risking a crash or a road rage incident.
  • If a car does not stop and continues through the junction regardless of whether they are supposed to go or not, let them cross rather than getting into an argument or becoming upset with them.
  • Remember that pedestrians must presumably cross crossings as well, and they have the same right to do so as an automobile.
  • Drivers who want to avoid traffic by driving on the left shoulder or over yellow lines should be aware that they will eventually have to return to the road.
  • The most critical piece of advice is to double-check everything before moving and even when crossing the junction.

Drivers face issues as a result of loadshedding, which many would prefer to avoid.

Regardless of how much we despise the jams produced by load shedding, the terrible truth is that loadshedding will always disrupt your drive. We want you to stay as safe as possible on the South African roads in your bakkie and Beekman Canopy.

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