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What you should know about purchasing a pre-owned bakkie

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What you should know about purchasing a pre-owned bakkie

The bakkie can be considered as one of the symbols of modern South African culture and it remains the best-selling vehicle in South Africa to this day.

Due to the popularity of the Bakkie, comes a lot of competition. The Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger are long-standing favourites, with Nissan, Isuzu, and VW Amarok not too far behind.

This popularity is largely due to the durability which makes buy pre-owned Bakkies, very good value for money.

Here’s our list to help you buy a pre-owned bakkie:

Mileage isn’t important

Bakkies are built to last, so mileage isn’t as important as you may think. Almost half the pre-owned bakkies listed for sale have over 100 000km driven. What is important is how the previous owner looked after their bakkie. This includes the service record and if any important parts have been replaced recently. This will give you a good indication of how the previous owner treated his bakkie.

Know the history

Understand what purpose the previous owner was using the bakkie for and try to match it with what you are going to be using the bakkie for. If you are looking for a powerhouse machine, then ruggedness and durability are what you are looking for. For a family or casual road-trip vehicle then look for interior comfort and potentially a double cab option for extra space and seating.

Functionality over extras

Don’t worry about new add-ons and features. Make sure the basic functionality of the bakkie fits the purpose you are going to be using it for. You can always add your features if you need them later like a Beekman Canopy.

Power on

Bakkies are heavy on fuel, so be careful not to buy a bakkie with too much unnecessary power or too old of a model as they can quickly rack up a big petrol bill. Remember that newer models are a lot more economic, with similar power to older models.

Using our helpful tips when it comes to purchasing a new bakkie can save you money and time. And when you’re ready to equip it with a Beekman Canopy, we’ll be ready to assist!

What you should know about purchasing a pre-owned bakkie

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