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Why Beekman Canopies Are The Best Choice For SA Roads

Why Beekman Canopies are the best choice for SA roads

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Why Beekman Canopies Are The Best Choice For SA Roads

If you’re in the market for a reliable and durable canopy for your beloved bakkie, look no further than Beekman Canopies. Beekman Canopies has become the leading fibreglass bakkie canopy manufacturer in Southern Africa and has built up an unbreakable trust with our clientele. Read below on why Beekman Canopies is the ultimate choice for South African roads.

Quality Materials

Beekman Canopies only use the highest-quality materials, designed to withstand the tough South African climate. Our canopies are designed and created from fiberglass which is very lightweight and extremely durable. In addition, our fibreglass canopies are also resistant to impact, corrosion, and UV rays.

Aerodynamic Design

Aerodynamics are top-of-mind when it comes to the design process of our Beekman Canopies, used efficiently to reduce wind resistance, and improve the fuel efficiency of your bakkie. Beekman Canopies are specifically designed and carefully shaped to reduce wind noise, allowing for a much smoother, quieter driving experience.

Customisable Options

Get ready to customise your bakkie with Beekman Canopies! Our wide range of canopies are available in various styles and configurations to suit your specific needs. Have fun with your canopy creation by choosing from different window configurations, colours, and accessories, such as roof racks and interior lighting. You are sure to have the coolest bakkie in town!

Easy to Install

Beekman Canopies are designed for easy installation and removal, allowing bakkie owners to easily and quickly switch between a covered or open load bed. Our canopies are compatible with most bakkie models, which makes them a top choice for all bakkie owners in South Africa.

Local Manufacturing

Beekman Canopies are proudly South African, meaning that they are specifically designed and assembled to meet the unique needs of all South African road conditions. You can rest assured that your Beekman Canopy is built to last and will provide reliable service for years to come.

You really cannot go wrong with Beekman Canopies! Quality materials, aerodynamic design, customisable options, easy installation, and local manufacturing is what makes us unique and ultimately why we are the best canopy choice for SA roads!

View our canopy range today: https://beekman.co.za/canopies/

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